Saturday, November 30, 2019

Laverne & Surly - Update

I've fallen a couple months behind schedule on L&S's publication date because, try as I might, I'm having one helluva time transcribing it from my Kindle Fire into a Word document. I tried speech-to-text, but apparently my English isn't precise enough (lawd!) I tried transcribing it by hand, but my eyes can't take it for more than brief spurts. All that said, I do have a plan!

In January—likely the latter part of it—my BFF Nick is coming to visit me. Thankfully, he has agreed to transcribe the whole damn thing (!!!!) so we should be good to go by February. 

Believe me, the situation has frustrated me to no end. To go from losing L&S to finding it years later... well lets just say being in limbo has driven me loco lol. Nevertheless, there is light at the end of the tunnel finally!

Jaid/Tina xx