Friday, May 26, 2017

Paul Ryan Is A Monster

Never in my life—literally not even once—have I wished for another human being to suffer. I've always been one of those "bleeding heart commie libtards" who couldn't bring herself to wish ill will on anyone—including people who've stabbed me in the back, told lies about me, physically and/or mentally harmed me, etc.

But that was the old me. 

The new me—the alternate reality version of my former self who came into being on election night—isn't a woman I recognize. Given the times we now live in, I suppose on a purely scientific level the metamorphosis I went through was inevitable. (Never forget Newton's third law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.) 

Whether an unavoidable consequence or not, I don't like this newer, icier version of my former self. The pre-election me was incapable of feeling genuine hatred toward another person... much less a burning desire to watch a man suffer. But then the old me was so unfamiliar with Paul Ryan that I couldn't have picked him out of a 2-man lineup. 

Apparently I became too politically complacent under President Obama's leadership for the simple fact that I knew he was trustworthy, honorable, and genuinely cared about all Americans. I didn't live in a constant state of anxiety, fear, rage, hopelessness, and an unquenchable thirst for vengeance because I understood that our (then) president had the best interest of the country at the forefront of his mind at all times. That knowledge allowed me the freedom to focus on the political issues that meant the most to me—poor women and children, prisoners' rights, etc.—and pretty much block everything else out.

In keeping with Newton's third law of motion, the yin afforded me under Obama came at the price of an insidious yang: I didn't know who this monster named Paul Ryan was pre-election season; now I have to watch every day as this traitorous piece of shit enables Trump, whitewashes treason, presents genocide with a smile and the promise/lie his healthcare reform won't hurt Americans, and does everything he can to undermine and exterminate the 99.9%.

Republicans like Paul Ryan believe that wealthy people deserve to pay a lower percentage in taxes than the rest of us because they have contributed more to America than we have. WE are the ones who work the shitty, non-living-wage jobs those billionaires "contribute" to the USA. WE are the ones who are taxed out the ass so those same billionaires can be bailed out with OUR money when they make ill-founded business decisions. So what great contribution are the 1% of the 1% making to America?

In a word, nothing.

We already learned from the Reagan years that Trickle Down Economics doesn't work. When you allow billionaires and mega-millionaires to pay lower taxes they do not turn around and reinvest that money into paying workers living wages, creating more jobs, or doing anything of benefit for anyone but themselves. Instead, they hoard. Now, because of Ryan and the GOP, the little bit that Obama forced the ultra-wealthy to do—namely to fund Obamacare—soon won't be contributed either.

Paul Ryan laughs with Republicans after signing a bill to repeal Obamacare
I won't pretend to be an historian, but isn't this entire let them eat cake attitude how revolutionary wars begin? It was certainly the cause of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette literally losing their heads. It was also the catalyst to the Russian Bolshevik Revolution that led to the formation of the former (communist) Soviet Union. Let them eat cake was why Batista was overthrown by Castro in Cuba, which also resulted in communism.

Paul Ryan, the white trash piece of shit from Nowheresville USA, obviously understands less about history's examples than I do. Either that or the Speaker of the House is a science denier like most Republicans and believes himself above Newton's third law. I honestly think Ryan is a disgusting premeditated mass murderer who believes Americans will keep falling for the GOP's propaganda and "divide and conquer" tactics despite growing evidence to the contrary.

Unfortunately, I no longer believe this country's elections aren't rigged. And that means Paul Ryan and others like him aren't going anywhere unless forcibly, physically removed. I fully and freely admit I yearn for the day it happens—and it will happen. No country, no person, no anything is above scientific law. In the meantime, I await karma's visit to the Speaker of the House. May he and the people he loves most find themselves being treated no better or worse than Ryan has chosen to treat the 99.9%. If it's acceptable for even one child in this country to not receive preventive or emergency medical care, food, and shelter, then it's acceptable for the Ryan family too.

Paul Ryan has lived off of taxes since he was a teenager. He didn't become wealthy because he was smarter or worked harder than the janitor at the local school. On the contrary, Paul Ryan found wealth the old fashioned way—he fucked his way into marrying it.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Still Recovering - Brief Update

I'm going through some medical issues right now. The worst symptom I'm dealing with is chronic pain—and when I say pain I mean paaaaaain—so I've more or less been unreachable the past few weeks. I'm trying really hard to get better. 

Anyways, I wanted to reassure everyone I am still writing. It's not going as fast as I'd like it to because I have to lie down a lot, but it's going regardless 😊 I apologize for being off the grid so to speak and should be checking social media and emails within another week or so.

More updates as I have them to give coming your way soon...

Tina/Jaid xx