Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Now Available - The Yuge Wall of Jina: It's Fully Loaded

It's a year past schedule, but the sequel to The Yuge Wall of Jina: It's Bigly is finally out! 😁 The synopsis and purchase links follow below:

I had a life in the Normal States of America— a wonderful, safety-pin-awesome, it just doesn't get better than this kind of existence. As a successful artiste, beloved daughter, and one of New York City's most desirable catches, no woman could have asked for more. ​​And then in the year 2073, he came along... ​​

One moment my life was near perfect and a blink of an eye later I became the prisoner-wife of a Cro-MAGAnon man. Now a freaked out captive held hostage in Trumpgolia, my abductor is demanding entry into my passage. He wants to fertilize my eggs and use my uterus as an unwilling host for the growth of his spawn. My only desire is freedom and my only hope is escape, but in order to secure either of them I must first penetrate... ​​

The Yuge Wall of Jina. ​

And this time, my friends, It's Fully Loaded.