Saturday, March 16, 2019

Goodnight, Angel

Lulabelle: 3/15/05 - 3/16/19
Today—until God only knows when—is going to be tough. Lula has blessed my life with her love for and attachment to me ever since she was weaned from her Pug mom. I still remember the day I brought her home fourteen years ago... how small, delicate, and adorable she was. I had purposely chosen the so-called "runt" of the litter and, indeed, she could fit in the palm of one hand :-) That said, and as any human mommy of a runt will tell you, she also grew to be the feistiest of the bunch! 

Thank you, Lula, for fourteen years of unwavering love. I already miss you so incredibly much, baby girl. We'll be together again one day soon, but until that reunion comes I'll be here missing and remembering your beautiful, spunky, loving soul. I love you, angel baby. Rest in Peace.