Friday, August 23, 2019

Trump & The Chosen One

Is anybody else as freaked out as I am by all the blasphemy coming out of that psycho's mouth lately? Granted, he always is saying something that guarantees a migraine, but this "I am the chosen one" utterance—while looking up at the sky no less!—has me creeped out. Coupled with his retweeting of a post from an alt-right conspiracy theorist who referred to him as "King of the Jews" and "The Second Coming of God"... 

I. Am. Freeeeeaked!

Anybody else out there saying extra Hail Marys these days?

Tina/Jaid (who just crossed herself)

Friday, August 9, 2019

Laverne & Surly (and minor miracles!)

For those of you who can remember wayyyy back to when I went through a home invasion while living in Venice Beach, CA, this post will make sense. For those who don't remember the burglary, I'll give you the Cliff Notes version so it makes sense to you too:

Came home early from DBT therapy to a burglary in progress → Was confronted by an intruder who attempted to knock me down → Damn near shit my pants → Thief got away with my laptop, iPad, and some jewelry → On my laptop were 11 manuscripts in various stages of completion → I learned the hard way to always back up my work

Now that everyone has been brought up to speed, I'm pleased to announce this good news: it appears I did backup Laverne & Surly, which is the sequel to Fatman & Robyn. Long story short, I hadn't turned on my Kindle Fire in years, was suddenly in the mood to reread Christine Feehan's Dark Prince, fired up the Fire, and voilĂ !—there she was. That's the good news. The not so great news is I haven't figured out a way to transfer the PDF in my Kindle to a word document so I can get L&S up for sale. Right now it's looking like I will have to retype it by hand (ouch) which could take a while. (Remember: I am disabled.) Still, I believe I can have it retyped in time for Christmas so I'm pleased about that.

Now if only Dari's story would magically appear...

Tina/Jaid xo